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Business Solutions

1. E-commerce and online sales

Our trusted digital e-commerce and online platform provide secure transactions to buy goods from our store. Thus, our vision is to provide an excellent customer experience, case-of-purchase, comprehensive customer care, and hassle-free shopping and returns policy if needed through e-commerce and online purchases.

2. Offline sales

We do also provide our service of excellence to our customers to buy goods from our company through customer offline query. Here we are committed to serve the best our valuable customers with honesty.

3. Smart Home Security Solution

We provide the world-leading Security brand wolf-Guard, which allows users to remotely monitor and manage their homes in real-time, alerting homeowners of unusual behavior or unexpected attempts to access the doors or windows. Unlike traditional home security systems, smart security systems continue to monitor and send alerts, even when disarmed. This solution is also capable of a Smart thermostat, Smart speakers/displays: Voice control, Smart plugs & Appliance control by phone, remote, and manually.

World famous and leading smart home security solution provider is with us.

4. Telecom and Enterprise Network Solution

We provide industry and enterprise-level solutions for our SMB, bank, and telco-based trusted customers. World-renowned brand Teltonica is with us which provides solutions for industry & automation, energy & automation, smart city, transportation, enterprise, and retail. Also, we have a home user network solution with the World-renowned USA band Upvel with their 4G and 5g connectivity with mesh topology configured.

We also provide global poc  solution. World renowed poc solution provide POCSTAR is also  with us

Uninterrupted secured Connection device speed, best network coverage, and speed connectivity are always our vision to deliver to our trusted customers.

5. Air Purification Solution

Clean Air, Fresh Air is life.

We are also concerned about airborne disease which is a big threat to our life. We have been suffering from airborne diseases. In this regard, the world-renowned brand IONKINI is working with us with their world-standard air purifiers to protect ourselves from the various airborne negative elements. We provide air purifier which can lower airborne contaminants and restore cleaner, healthier air by emitting a high density of negative ions and a safe level of ozone (0.05ppm).

6. Interactive digital smartboard for Education, SMB & Commercial business solution.

We are very much concerned about development and modernization of our education sector with the excellence vision of our country's Digital Development vision, the Digital Bangladesh. Therefore, we are working with smart digital class room development as well as teacher and student skill development with world-class modern equipment like smart interactive smart board, collaboration with student and teacher with paperless smart work place. We work for building on smart education system with smart digital environment.

Also we have interactive smart boar dsolution for smb and  commercial customer. To make the life easy with digital collaboration is one of our prime goal.


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