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Touch Screen Smart Board is an interactive TV, it is built-in with LCD/LED and touch screen (and PC for optional). We use the most popular technology infrared touch to achieve interaction between users and the monitor.All in one touch monitor is also an LCD whiteboard, use the LCD to instead of the projector for image presentation. Connect with built-in or outer PC, it is a large touch PC, fingers to control and operate the PC to present advertisement, conference PPT, classroom courses, exhibition and play movies, etc.

65 inch touch screen whiteboard Parameters:

Dual System
Windows 10 OS
Intel Core i3/i5/i7 option, 
Memory 4G/8G/16G option 
Hard Disk: 128G/256G/512G/1T option
Android OS
Quad-core, 3G RAM, 32G ROM, Android 8.0/9.0 version
LCD Panel
55 inch/ 65 inch / 75 inch / 85 inch / 98 inch Available
Panel Brand
LG、BOE、AU (gauge A screen)
3840 × 2160 (UHD) @60hz, 4K UHD screen
Ratio contrast
Visual Angle (horizontal/vertical)
Response time
Visual area(mm)
1649.7(W)×928(H) mm
Color gamut (NTSC)
display scale
Response time
Infrared touch characteristic
Touch the specifications
Infrared touch frame
4mm tempered glass
Glass transmittance
> 88% (higher transmittance depends on glass surface treatment technology such as AR/AG)
Object induction number (IR)
Touch at 20
Number of infrared induction lines (W D)
32767 × 32767
Positional accuracy
More than 90% of the touch area is 2mm
The interface definition
USB 2.0(Full speed)
Touch the strength
Zero pressure touch
The light resistance
It has light resistance
Induction life
6 million times
The response time
The power supply mode
Full-duplex USB-powered DC +5V up to 500mA
Switching power supply
Power consumption (typical value)
Standby power consumption
The power interface
Switching power supply
European standard 220V two - phase three-wire system
Mechanical specification parameters
The net weight
Gross weight
Bare machine outline size (W x D x H)
Package size (W x D x H)
Shell material (face frame/back shell)
Plastic/Sheet metal
Shell color (face frame/back shell)
To protect the glass
4mm toughened glass/level 7 earthquake resistant
Type of installation
Supports/wall hangers
The cooling way
Temperature-controlled fan dissipates heat
The environment
Working temperature
Working humidity
20%~80%(No condensation)
Storage temperature
Store humidity
10%~90%(No condensation)
Display mode
S-ips, often black display, transmission
Maximum service time (hours/day)
24 hours
The speaker
Support for input mode
Stylus writes keyboard
The attachment
The user manual
Manual, warranty card, certificate of conformity
The power cord
Others (optional accessories)
Remote control, base/bracket, WiFi

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