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EZWrite 6 is an interactive whiteboard software designed to enhance classroom and remote learning experiences. It encourages whole-class participation and collaboration by providing a digital canvas for teachers and students to work together.

All Features:

Use your lesson materials:

EZWrite conveniently lets you use your existing teaching materials. Import documents and slides, paste pictures, or embed videos and URLs. You can even import scans from books and use AI to convert them to editable text. 

Multi-format support:

Open lessons created on third-party platforms and take notes on them during class. You can also import SMART Notebook and IWB files to edit in EZWrite.

Cloud storage:

Safely access files saved on your cloud storage account to teach using the material you’ve prepared beforehand.

Tap and teach:

Save time by opening the EZWrite whiteboard with a quick tap of the pen. With NFC support, you can also access your cloud storage to load lesson materials.

Easy navigation:

The scalable whiteboard lets you zoom in on important details, zoom out for the whole picture, and add more pages as needed. Every participant in the session can independently navigate the whiteboard at their own pace.

Handwriting and shape recognition:

EZWrite 6 uses AI to convert your handwriting into text so it can be read easily and translated. It also turns the shapes you draw into perfect circles, triangles, squares, and more.

Tools and templates:

Choose from a wide variety of classroom tools and templates specially designed to make it easier for you to give effective and interactive lessons on different subjects.

Share videos of your lessons:

EZWrite 6 lets you record and share your whiteboard sessions. You can also livestream your lessons with YouTube Live.

Export lessons for review:

Export your EZWrite sessions as PDF or image files so students can review the content after class, at their own pace.

Pick up where you left off:

Save your lessons as editable whiteboard files that allow you to pick up right where you left off for the next class.

Interaction from their seats:

Let students join the session right from their seats. Cloud whiteboarding allows everyone to work together on the canvas simultaneously using their personal devices.

Side-by-side competitions:

Split the screen to let multiple students solve problems on the board at the same time. Use the scoreboard and timer to hold competitions and liven up your lessons.

More immersive lessons:

Connect a document camera to share textbook pages, student work, science experiments, and other physical material. Show a live feed, annotate over it, freeze the frame, and take screenshots as needed.

Make lessons more inclusive:

Give more inclusive lessons with AI-powered text-to-speech and multi-language support. Hear text as it is written on the whiteboard and translate it into your desired language.

Extend classes to remote students:

Extend your classroom to learners that can’t be physically present. Take your EZWrite lessons online via video conferencing and invite students to join the board in real time.

Take learning online:

EZWrite 6 makes it easy for you to create digital lesson materials for students to access online anytime. Simply download your whiteboard as a PDF or share clips from a recorded session using YouTube Live.

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