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X-Sign Broadcast lets you deliver scheduled messages and instant alerts to all your BenQ devices for any occasion. Complement your school PA system with visual alerts and announcements. With X-Sign Broadcast, you can choose to push announcements immediately or schedule them for later, so your messages are always delivered at the best time.



All Features:



Display morning announcements with images and other media.


Instantly alert students when classes are cancelled, or other emergencies arise.


Send targeted reminders about upcoming events or deadlines for registrations.

Send scheduled announcements:

Schedule messages to be displayed at any time on any BenQ device to make announcements, promote events, or send reminders.

Push immediate alerts:

The interrupt feature lets you push messages immediately to alert staff and students during emergencies or give the latest updates.

Ensure the message is received:

X-Sign Broadcast messages display on top of whatever is on the screen. They can be turned off by tapping or set as important, so they don’t disappear until a specified duration.

Easy-to-read messages:

Type your announcements in a customizable banner format to deliver clear and simple messages to all BenQ devices.

Multimedia content:

Display individual images or slideshows in full screen to capture the attention of your students.

Embedded videos:

Share videos with your school for more engaging messages by uploading a video file or using a YouTube link.

Documents and PDFs:

Show Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files, as well as Google Slides for more informative notices.

Targeted messages:

Send targeted announcements to devices grouped by grade, floor, or campus to ensure all the intended recipients see the message at the same time.

Group permissions:

X-Sign Broadcast lets admins give individual users the authority to create and send messages to specific groups, distributing the workload as needed.

Message history:

Admins can check the announcement history on X-Sign Broadcast and make sure that every class is up to date with the latest news.

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