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 Product Description:

This product is a wireless photoelectric smoke detector(hereinafter called detector). It uses a unique structure design and adopts MCU to analyze the photoelectric signal intelligently, with functions of dustproof, mothproof, anti-light interference, etc., therefore, ensuring stability from design. Meanwhile, it has a wireless network function for a variety of environmental needs, improving users’ perception of alarm signals. This product has a good reaction on slow smoldering or burning. visible smoke caused by It is suitable for fire protection in residential houses, factories, shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, school buildings, banks, libraries, warehouses, etc

Product Features:

  • Adopted MCU auto-processing technology, stability improved
  • Wireless network function
  • Hush function
  • Fault auto-checking function
  • Auto-reset Infrared photoelectric sensor
  • Sound flash alarm / LED indicator
  • SMT manufacturing technology adopted, high stability
  • Dustproof, mothproof, anti-light interference design
  • Anti RF interference(20V/m-1GHZ)

Technical Specification: 

  • Operating voltage: AC 220V OR AC 110V(9V backup battery)
  •                                          9V battery(A 6F22 battery)
  • Static current: <25uA (Average value)
  • Alarm current: <35mA
  • Battery life: Lithium battery with a lifetime of 1 year
  • Alarm Indicator: Red Led Flash.
  • Sound Level: ≥85dB/3m
  • Wireless receive/Send RF:315MHz/433MHz
  • Coding type:2262
  • Sending distance:200m(in the open area)
  • Working temperature: -10°C~ +50°C
  • Environmental humidity: ≤95%RH
  • Dimension: ¢ 128*38mm
  • Execute criterion:GB4715-2005; EN14606; UL 217
  • Detecting area: 80 square meters when the horizontal height is 6m to 12m,60 square meters when the horizontal height is below 6m. For The accurate parameters please refer to the fire auto- alarm system design standard GB50116-98










  • Adopt a high-performance photoelectric detecting element; that has high stability and sensitivity;
  • Have self-detecting function;
  • 9V battery operated(included);
  • Built-in siren: can work independently or together with an alarm system;
  • Can detect both Smoke and Temperature.

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