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Trend micro Industrial Network Security

Vulnerability protection: Protect critical assets or legacy devices from vulnerability attacks and network worms. Deploy a transparent network security device in front of critical assets, enabling vulnerability protection by virtual patching without changing logical network configuration. EdgeIPS transparent security boxes work well when deployed stand-alone in front of mission-critical assets and synergize excellently with our industrial, next-generation firewall, EdgeFire™. Large-scale deployments of both can be managed from a single, centralised location with OT Defence Console™.

  • EdgeIPS: Industrial next-generation IPS

Portable Security 3

1. Control mission-critical assets: 

EdgeIPS™ uses its sensitivity to a wide variety of industrial protocols to inform trust lists that can block unfamiliar commands, as well as detailed traffic and event logs. This system facilitates easy communication between operational technology (OT) and IT security system administrators.

2. Secure legacy assets:

Virtual patching creates a powerful, up-to-date defence against known threats. It is specifically designed to safeguard legacy operating systems and unpatched devices. Virtual patching is a network-based behavior that creates a “shield” around vulnerable devices without changing the asset.

3. Bring visibility to shadow OT:

EdgeIPS integrates and coordinates OT networks with passive asset identification and IT/OT traffic communication. It creates visibility within the shadow OT environment, and requires no changes to network topology.


  • EdgeIPS Pro: Intent-based industrial intelligent IPS Array for large scale networks

Portable Security 3

1. High-port-density IPS array for OT core network defence:

EdgeIPS Pro™ has a 1U rack mount model 1048 with 48 ports, a 2U rack mount model 2096 with 96 ports for large-scale production, and a DIN rail and server rack mount model 216 (commercial and ruggedised versions) with 8 ports for SMB or mid-scale production. Monitoring and prevention modes provide the best transparent in-line protection and seamless security visibility. EdgeIPS Pro comes equipped for operational continuity with Gen 3 hardware bypass and redundant power, ensuring fail-safe performance.

2. IT-friendly deployment and management:

EdgeIPS Pro is a cybersecurity appliance designed for large-scale production lines. Built with feedback from industry leaders, it natively supports operational technology (OT) multi-segmentation. Factories and worksites adopting EdgeIPS Pro enjoy the benefits of centralised management, operational continuity, shop floor protection, and flexible deployment.

3. Mitigates risk and protects your network:

Take advantage of an advanced internal segmentation IPS for implementing network segmentation in a large-scale OT network environment – no changes to the existing network architecture required. EdgeIPS Pro prevents outbreaks, neutralises intra-zone infection, and reduces cybersecurity risk.


Segmentation: Suppress spread of a cyber incidents, like network worm propagation, in a flat network. Deploy a transparent network security device in front of uplink port of existing L2 network switches, enabling secure network segmentation by firewall and protocol filter without changing logical network configuration.

  • EdgeFire: Industrial next-generation firewall

Portable Security 3

1. Take control of mission-critical machines:

EdgeFire™ is sensitive to a wide variety of network protocols. It can use these to make OT-aware operational command trust lists as well as trust lists based on other parameters.

2. Improve shadow OT visibility:

EdgeFire comes equipped to make your IT and OT networks as integrated and coordinated as possible. It also grants visibility into your shadow OT environment.

3. Centralise on one console:

Pattern updates, firmware management, and provisioning can all be centralised on a large scale. For facilities with multiple EdgeFire nodes, OT Defense Console™ (ODC) can help administer and manage those nodes alongside any operative EdgeIPS™ nodes.

Policy enforcement: Prevent vulnerability attacks, unauthorised accesses, and/or unintended control commands to critical assets from RTUs or IoT gateways. Deploy a transparent network security device in front of RTUs/IoT gateways, enabling policy enforcement by firewall, virtual patching, and protocol filter without changing logical network configuration.



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