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  Mini Portable Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706

Functions & Features 

  • Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706 is an innovative product of Jingcheng Technology. 
  • It employs ozone and negative ions to achieve sterilization, deodorization and air purification.
  • 2-gear Ozone Output 
  • For Fridge, Car, Indoor Use
  • 3.8 million pcs/cm³ negative ion concentration
  •  2 running levels: Normal mode / Enhanced mode
  • Great to use in fridge, car, home, office, shoe cabinet
  • Innovative Home Appliance 
  • • Long battery life: about 1~2 months
  • • Use on 4 pieces of AA battery
  • • Hassle-free maintenance, no filter replacement


Innovative Home Appliance

Ozone Air Purifier Sterilizer Deodorizer JO-6706

Functions & Features
Ozone Air Purifier JO-6706 is an innovative product of Jingcheng Technology.
It employs ozone and negative ions to achieve sterilization, deodorization and air purification.

Various Applicable Occasions 

JO-6706 can be used in refrigerator, car, washroom, shoe cabinet...

If you are looking for ozone air purifier, JO-6706 would be your best choice.

Technical Data:

Portable Ozone Air Purifier Sterilizer Deodorizer JO-6706

Power supply6 V/DC (4pcs AA.batteries)
Power≤0.6 w
Product Dimension70 × 70 × 130 (mm)
Net Weight180 g
Negative Ion Output3,800,000 pcs/cm3
Ozone Output10 mg/h
Working temperature-10°C~40°C(14°F~104°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C~60°C(-4°F~140°F)
Applicable PlacesRefrigerator, Car, Shoe cabinet, Washroom
Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS



Product Pictures

How To Use


When JO-6706 in on the pause (standby), the indication light will blink twice every 10 seconds.

Smoke Dispelling Experiment


Certificates of JO-6706


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